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Grounds of being blessed of God…

We get blessed because we prayed in faith and believed to receive.

We are blessed because we know to command the blessings to answer to us.

We get blessed because we are strong at rebuking the hindrances so the blessings come unhindered.

We get blessed because we know the word and can speak the word over anything.

We get blessed because we understand the operations of the spirit and prophetic moves.

However, we get blessed ultimately because we have a relationship with God…

The strongest confidence you should have should be that you have a walk with God.

When Jesus stood before the tomb of Lazarus, He declared
“Father, I thank you because You HAVE HEARD me”

This was not just about Jesus having faith but a consciousness that He had a relationship with the Father.
(You haven’t said anything to the Father, yet you’re saying He has already heard you)

-Only relationship can get God working for someone who hasn’t ask yet.
-Only relationship can produce answer for someone who doesn’t even know what to say or ask.
-Only relationship with God can make you dare things you don’t even think you have faith for and yet get mind blowing results…

Let your prayer time and steps of faith be more about building a REAL relationship with Abba.

Sadly, a larger percentage of believers have good relationship with their needs and the things they desire of God and not with the God who is able to bring these things to pass.
How do you know if this is you? What are the pictures on your mind while praying?
If the picture on your mind continually is God, faith will be readily stirred exact time you pray.

Every time we saw Jesus pray, it was always about communing with them Father. The father was all he knew and saw.

Communion it that point where you are talking to a friend; someone who is not mindful of your weaknesses or limitations.
Communion is you talking to someone you strongly believe already accepted you (Eph.1:6). So you’re trying to feel accepted, rather you’re making use of the acceptance you already have.

Communion is NOT dealing with the person ONLY because of what you’ll get from Him. It is dealing with God as a Superior Partner. 1Cor.3:9

Communion makes you less conscious of you’re self and more conscious of the One you’re relating with..
The greatest things in the faith will Only happen for those who have spent their life building relationship.

This is the message God gave me to send to you today, you’re being invited into a working relationship….
That’s truly where everything already awaits you.

You shouldn’t cry or be troubled because of anything. God is not holding anything from you. But you must know Him who has all things beyond what you read, let it become Someone you have met and know in person …

The presence of the Holy Ghost in your life is to help you to know the Father beyond theoretical reading of the book. He is to help you know the Father the way the Apostles who didn’t carry a book about knew Him.

Maybe this was why Paul cried out, “That I may know Him and the power of His Resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering, being made conformable unto his death…
Here, Paul was longing to come into the experience of Jesus death, he hungered that it become as real as something he witnessed and can handle practically.
This is the hunger for fellowship.
Don’t stay satisfy that you were told about God, hunger to know Him. Long to experience Him daily.

The communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all, Amen..

Say after me, ” As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you Oh Lord. Lord I want you above all else”

I Love The Lord.
Apostle A U Charles
(Grace Herald Ministry Int’l)