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Mentoring Leaders

Something that makes you a leader is the way you discipline yourself to do things even when you didn’t feel like it…
Your disposition to consistently do things that others would easily overlook.

***You wake up in the morning and not feel like praying, BUT you prayed still

***You don’t feel studying, YET you found time out during the day to make sure you do so nonetheless

***You have got reasons not to forgive a person who wronged you, BUT you forgave and have since forgotten

***You don’t see a reason why you should give out of your little, YET you gave abundantly and sacrificially still

***You don’t like to submit to certain authorities, YET you have submitted genuinely and wholeheartedly still

***You don’t feel like going early to church, BUT you woke up early and made it down in time despite all your excuses to be late

***You got too familiar with everyone in church and don’t see a reason to dress very well to church, BUT still, you went in your best outfit for the day

***Certain assignments are committed unto you without being monitored, BUT you’re doing it at best even when no one noticed you.

***You’ve almost known everything about your pastor and would easily find a reason to despise him, BUT you’re among those who honour him the most.

***You have had some prayers that didn’t get answered, YET you pray with so much faith all the time

***Everyone is being celebrated for the little they do but no one noticed your immense effort, BUT STILL, you remain fervent

Leadership is not something you do by impulse, you must be deliberate about every step and everything you do.
Practice being a good leader;
Don’t allow your title be the only the way people get to know you’re a leader.

Making an impact on others is a lifetime assignment that we don’t retire from.

Finally, you must religiously believe that you’re not a leader because you’re zealous, but because you’re called to so be. Then give all it takes to fulfill your calling

And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.