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For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us Eph.2:14

The fall of man in the garden brought all of humanity to a state of separation from God. And as a result, everyone was held by the power of sin and death. This is how all the struggles and pains in the world began; for the devil had man under his whims and caprices. This state of slavery was not the type that anyone could easily walk out of, because the enemy was not ready to let go. The only way out of the devils prison was going to be a breakthrough.

All of mans tendencies to do right were hindered by what seemed like a force of restriction. We saw a shadow of this in Israels exodus from Egypt which was strongly hindered by Pharaoh despite the power of God that was plaguing him and the Egyptians then. It only took a breakthrough for the Israelites to finally get out of slavery.

Thiswas not without the mighty demonstration of the power of God.
This same power was greatly demonstrated again when Jesus died on the cross. His death and resurrection was the ultimate breakthrough for all who believes. It was the breakthrough from bondage, breakthrough from the power of sin and death and breakthrough from all manners of oppressions from the enemy.

In his death, Jesus broke down the limiting wall of partition so that everyone who comes to him might experience this breakthrough. To confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour is your breakthrough from the grip of satan. When the veil rented from the top to the bottom, we were delivered like the Israelites from Egypt and the authority of satan (Pharaoh) could not hold any longer.

You did not walk into Gods kingdom, you were born into it. Similarly, you do not walk out of satans kingdom, you break out. It must be a forceful exit. You have the breakthrough in Christ because the wall of barrier is no more, you are set free legally. You can excel unhindered because there are no more barriers. Only a breakthrough can deliver from the powers of the enemy and you have been delivered. Your breakthrough has already come. All the breakthrough you will ever need is already accomplished in Christ. Amen

Remember this:

The limiting wall of the enemy has been pulled down and you have exited his bondage. Your salvation experience was a breakthrough.

Confession: The hand of God is upon my life. I cannot be stopped. Nothing can stand on my way. The barriers are no more. The gates of brass are broken down. I have my breakthrough in Christ. I am not where I use to be. I am free to reign in life. I am free forever.
Isa.45:2, Exo.13:14, Gen.45:7


And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed Acts.16:26

The death of Jesus was Gods payment for your liberty and deliverance from any form of captivity. So it is expected that you live life from glory to glory. The Christian life is not a combination of success and failures. You are to win all the time. It is illegal for the believer to experience any form of captivity whether directly or indirectly. This means that it is unlawful for you to be held down by anything in life. It is not the will of God for you to be in bondage.

Sometimes, bondage may not be a physical place of incarceration like a prison; it could also be a state you are trying hard to get out of to no avail. It could be a desire to attain certain heights in life and things seem to be holding you down. It is unlawful. It is any of such unlawful occurrences that requires a force from heaven to break you out of.

The power of God that comes down when you pray, does not only come to set you free from such state, it also meet judgment on the system that held you unlawfully. Paul and Silas were so held in prison and the Bible says at midnight they prayed and sang praises, and there was a breakthrough from prison. There was a great earthquake that shook the foundation of the prison that the prison guard almost killed himself and the chains fell off their hands voluntarily.

Whenever God shows up to deliver from illegality, there is always a breakthrough. There also was a time when the high priest and certain Sadducees threw the apostles in prison and the Bible says the angel of God came and brought them out to go preach in the temple. And when the guards awoke they met the lock intact (Acts.5:18-25). Stop analyzing how God is going to deliver you from any tight situation, it does not have to be in a way you can explain, it happens by supernatural breakthrough. Every manifestation of the word of God always breaks people forth to the next level.

The Jews could not figure out how they would go into a walled city of Jericho. But there was a breakthrough. That same power is even more available to you today than it was in their days. The word of God is like hammer that breaks the rock in pieces (Jer.23:29). When it goes forth, things that are not meant to be, get broken in pieces. Do not be moved by what you see, you are a different breed. You are a New Creation and you operate by a different set of rules. Halleluyah!

Remember this:

Whenthe limitation seems strong, the power of the word manifest stronger to break you through it.

Declaration: I am set out for glory each day. I cannot be held down, I am unstoppable. I excel unhindered, nothing stands on my way. I am accessing my dreams and fulfilling purpose in God. I am taking over. I am breaking through barriers as if they are not there. The laws of this world have become porous to me. Anything is possible to me. Amen

Acts.5:18-25, Jos.6:20, Heb.11:30