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And he said unto her, daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

Everyone who ever puts faith to work in the Bible, all got results. Faith never fails. Faith is the power of God working in and through the believer.

Faith is both the influence of God’s word in the recreated Spirit as well as the response of the recreated Spirit to the word of God. This is the agency through which supernatural changes are effected.

Faith is put to work whenever you take a step in towards your desires because you know it is already finished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
It is one thing to possess faith because you have received God’s word into your spirit, it is another thing to release faith to work for you.

Whenever you desire certain miracles in your life, you put your faith to work. Faith is not something you have for Keeps; it is something you have when you use it. Faith is like the wind, it is only seen when in motion (John 3:8). It is not a content kept in a container.

A man of faith is known by his works of faith. The woman with the issue of blood did not only feel comforted by the things she heard about Jesus, she responded right away until her miracle manifested. She stepped out of her misery to touch Jesus by faith and the problem she battled for twelve years came to an end. And Jesus responding to her, said, it was her faith that made her whole. Note that, ‘het own’ faith made her whole. So ask yourself what you’re doing with your own faith today.

We have all been given The Measure of faith (Rom.12:3), but your own faith is the one you are putting to work now.

Faith is not that which gets stored up in some spiritual arsenal; it is that which you are exercising yourself in. Instead of crying and feeling miserable, you can put your faith to work now; take that step at something you never thought possible, face your fears now and overcome them by faith. Start that thing you’ve been waiting to start when the grounds are perfect; just do it even though you don’t yet know how to finish it. Remember that was how Abraham responded when God called him to leave his father’s house. He left in obedience, not knowing where he was going.

You already have all the faith there is to have, you only now need to release your faith on certain areas of your need. I am challenging you to put your faith to work today. Faith will never fail you.

I live by faith and not by feeling. Faith is at work in my words and actions. I release my faith for healing, for success and for prosperity. Faith is working for me, changes are happening to me for the better. I overcome by faith , I win by faith and I succeed by faith. I see the way the Father sees, and I have nothing to fear. Today is my day. I am stepping out by faith today because this is the beginning of the best of my life. I have a new story.
Further Study: Hebrew 11:1-3

THE WORK OF FAITH (continues)
I Thessalonians 1:3
Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;
As a child of God, you have been called into a work, the work of faith. A good child is not only that child who only comes to the father when he/she is in need, but that which takes responsibility in the house as well; you lookout for needs or things that need to be done and do them. This is what the father rewards.
Your work of faith could be in your attention towards other brethren or service in the house of God.
The Apostle Paul here addresses the brethren that their work of faith is always remembered; in the way they continually showed love (labour of love), and in the way they upheld the integrity of God’s word. There are things you wouldn’t even need to pray about before having. These things just come your way because the father decided to reward you for your faithfulness.
Do you know that the reason Jesus will say to you “well done, thou good and faithful servant” is not because you healed the sick but because you were involved in this work of faith to serve in the kingdom business (Matthew 25:21-23).
Your work of faith is everything you do and see to win a soul, your labor in the place of prayer for souls, for the work of God and for the brethren, your giving for the course of the kingdom, every believer is called into this work.
Apart from applying faith to benefit yourself, you are to engage yourself in the work of faith for the father. When Jesus sent out the traders in the temple, He was not healing the sick but he was involved in the wok of faith.
Prayer Point: Father, I receive the grace to continue in all the areas of my work for you and to do even more in Jesus name.
Further Study: Mark 11:15-17, 2 Thessalonians 1:11

THE WORD OF FAITH (concluded)
Romans 10:8
But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
Faith is not a suggestion. When we speak in faith, we are not hoping it works or comes to pass; we are certain of it. The word of faith we speak is the enforcement of the thought of God and an establishment of the finished works.
Faith is not positive confession; it is declaration of spiritual reality. This is the reason why not everyone have the word of faith. It is only in the mouth of those who have received God’s word into their heart already. Everybody can confess positive, even the sinner; but the word of faith is seen only with the saints of God. When Jesus spoke, miracles happened not because He was merely suggesting or wishing that they happened, but because He was in touch with certain spiritual realities. The same reality that the father was in touch with.
This is the same reality you have been brought into when you gave your life to Jesus. It is this reality that keeps getting clearer and real as you grow more in the Word of God. The Bible says the word in our mouth also exists in our heart. The word is in your heart as an existing reality and in your mouth as words. This is why you must speak with power and assurance and see changes effecting every day.
The Bible today report every words of Jesus as ‘rebukes’ or ‘commands’ so that we might understand the authority with which we speak every word. The word of faith always dominates and brings changes; it is never a suggestion, but an enforcement. When you know where you are operating from, your words will always carry power.
Declaration: I do not have vain words in my mouth. I carry the word of power. I do not lack result because I have the word of faith in my mouth and in my heart.
Further Study: Luke 4: 35, 39, 8:24