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And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we.

Faith is the conviction of the spiritual reality of the things you hope for. It means you know they are real and available to you. It is your present possession of your future expectations.
All you presently possess is the word of God. But you know that all things consist in the word; for by him were all things created.

The knowledge of this reality births an attitude in us. Its only a man who didn’t see anything that stays confused and worried. But we have a reality we can see and handle in the word of God. Our certainty isn’t because we just want to see things happen, it is because we have seen it happen already.

Faith makes you talks and live like someone who has seen tomorrow. This attitude positions you to readily lay claims on the desired expectations and not miss any opportunity.

Elijah was praying for rain and asked his servant to go check for a sign of rain. But the servant returned severally with no encouraging feedback. But the man of God did not give up because he knew it was going to rain today (1Kgs.18:43-44).
He was not trying his luck, he was only enforcing what his hands were already handling. It was a reality he already related with.
Remember that God had already told him earlier to come out of his hiding because He was about to send rain to the earth (1Kgs.18:1). It was this word that God told him that informed his persuasion. And as children of God, this is also how every word we receive from God should inform our persuasion.

The character of faith is persuadedness and persistence on every word from God. Whether they be the truth revealed to us from God’s word or even a word of prophecy we received.
Don’t be pessimistic about the word, let your attitude be that of confidence and assurance.

When the ten out of the twelve spies returned with horrifying news about what they saw in the land, only Joshua and Caleb returned with the attitude of faith. While others only saw impossibility, these two saw that the land was already theirs. They spoke with confidence and urgency that the land was theirs to take because they were persuaded that God was with them.
Can you run with confidence solely because you’re persuaded God is with you? What if nobody believes in what you’re about to do?

Every believer is expected to exude this aura of confidence always. It does not matter whether anybody else saw what you are seeing or not; some would even think you are arrogant because of the things you say.
But never let that stop you. You might even feel scared at some points, but do not let fear be your attitude or your declaration.
Faith is NOT timid; faith is boldness.
Apostle Paul said even though they had fears within, when they got to Macedonia but they refused to let it be seen on them. They kept pushing and advancing on the outside. 2Cor.7:5

When Jesus woke up from sleep to find there was storm in the middle of the sea, there was no ounce of fear because faith had become a character.

Develop the character of faith. Don’t let faith be the conditioning of your mind only when in need, let it become the personality you portray at all times. Before your expectations come to pass, learn to lay hold on the present and existing realities of those things in the spirit. The word of God is the evidence you already have; let this be what drives you to win.

Remember this:
Faith flows from your personality (the divine self) and not from your emotions. So you don’t always have to ‘feel’ anything before you act.

There is an existing reality of things to come. All things are already here. I know them and I have a grip on them. I am persuaded on the things not seen. My faith is not an emotional feeling, it is the character of my person. Faith never fails. I win and reign by faith. I make profit by faith. I do no suffer loses. I either win or I win.

Further Study:
Heb.11:1, Rom.10:17, 2Cor.4:18

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