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Word Charge and Prayer Guide
‘And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven’

Do you know the sin of Adam in the garden did not only affect man but also the whole creation? It did. So when God said man would surely die when he sinned, the world also fell into the grip of death/corruption. And as a result, all that the world speaks to human since then was death. And this was not the will of God for his creation.

So when Jesus and died on the cross, everything was restored, humanity and the creation was reconciled unto God. This means that man can become yielded to the will of God. Similarly, the creation can now also express the will of God. The creation that was once subject to corruption (in hope) can now respond to life. But someone has to enforce that over them.
This is why the scriptures say the creation awaits the manifestations of the sons of God (Rom.8:19). The creation awaits the sons who will speak to them and command them the way death once commanded them.

This is to let you know that your prayers is not only about talking to God or about binding the devil, prayers also involves talking to the creation; commanding them.
Stop thinking they are inanimate and won’t hear you. It was only when they were made subject to corruption/death that they took the form of not hearing you. But now, all things have been reconciled; whether the things in heaven and on earth.
We are sons of God and we speak to things and we know they hear us and obey.

When Jesus rebuked the storm, he wasn’t talking to the devil, neither was he casting out any demon. But the wind obeyed him and the storm was calm. He spoke and bread multiplied. When you understand this, you’ll realize the world is no longer a place to be afraid of. You only just need to speak to things. Even circumstances now hear you.
Remember, all things have been reconciled and now answerable unto God. And God’s command is now in your mouth. Yes, your marriage has been reconciled unto God, your finances can truly hear you, even your health.
So stop crying and begging non stop, and start giving orders. Remember how Jesus spoke to a tree?
A lot has changed since you received eternal life. Start putting things to work deliberately

-Give thanks to God for this awesome calling we have in Him
-Declare out loudly that you’re now in charge and are ready to start running things in your life through God’s word in your mouth.
-Command your body to start maintaining perfect health
-Speak to your finances never to dwindle but to keep !multiplying
-Speak to your business to become louder than it already is and to start attracting patronage profitably
-Speak to your marriage to become rosy and inspiring than it was
-Command every situation around you to start working in your favour from today.

Grace to you
Apostle Charles