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Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world


The believers confidence in God is dependent on the knowledge of who he is in Christ. And it is very important for every child of God to understand his posture in the realm of the spirit.

You are not some persons who read certain book and are now trying to practice what it says. In Christ Jesus, you have ceased to be you. The Bible says he that is baptized unto Christ has put on Christ

You are not speaking as the same man that everybody knows, you speak as Christ when you speak or pray. And this becomes more real the moment you know so and are conscious of the same.

The truth is, the knowledge that God has about you is that you are Christ. The Bible says there will come a time when we shall all know ourselves as we have been known

You see, there is a knowledge of who you truly are that you need to know. So if God already knows you in the face of Christ, you are the only one who is yet to have that same knowledge.

Even the devils dont know you as Abiola, Emeka or Hauwa; they know you’re different and all they see of you in Christ. So it must be confusing to them when you speak fear and anxiety. But then they are quick to take advantage of it.

Our opening text says you are already as Jesus is. It didnt say, ‘as Jesus is, so shall you be in the world to come’.
No, you are already in his exact likeness. When you speak, the devils hear Christ speaking and obey.
But you must also be aware of this. It doesnt matter the physical manifestation you may or may not see right away, but things surely go into motion when you speak. Just be sure of it and become expectant of results right away. You are not an ordinary person, you are untouchable and no power in hell can do you any harm. You have actually overcome them all, and you did so once and for all on the cross.

All the power you need is the knowledge of your true portrait. If it was about your human portrait/appearance in the spiritual realm, no amount of prayers or fasting can save you. but you have a hedge, you have put on Christ .

Remember this:
The sacrifice on the cross was a substitutionary one; an exchange of persons. Jesus died as you that you may live as him. Now I am everything Jesus is.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. I am baptized unto Christ and have put on Christ.

2Cor.3:18, Gal.2:20, 3:27, 1Jn.3:1-2


Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life

Our God is the height of all wisdom and power. He is eternally matchless. Everything He does is perfect. This He demonstrated in Christ Jesus when He wrought your redemption on the cross. The only way to be free from sin and be justified was for you to die. Then Jesus died as you so that you have died and have paid for your sin once and for all.
By accepting the lordship of Jesus, you became the person who died and was raised to live a glorious life.

The Bible is saying you should know that you died, was buried and was raised just as Jesus was raised. And that you should live life as the aftermath of resurrection. You’re the man who overcame death and all the consequences of sin. You’re not a struggling one. Anything that makes you struggle is a lie.

This also means you were the one who defeated the devil and his cohorts and left them in defeated state. Now how can the same person who already defeated the devils be under demonic attack?
The devil see you and tremble. You have the marks of Christ and that’s what they see of you that makes them tremble.
Many believers get worried that their names might have been taken somewhere for enchantment. Even if, you’re to know it won’t work because it doesn’t work on your type. You’re a new creation, a rare breed, a code that no devil can crack. That’s the meaning of ‘your life is hid with Christ in God’s
All the powers of the devil have been destroyed by you. And the devils know this already. They don’t k ow you as someone who is a victim or a pretty, they know you as the one who defeated them already.

Do you know that all the marks/bruises on Jesus when he died are now on your body in the spirit? The place where he was pierced that he was showing Thomas after resurrection are also on you too. This is the sign that you’re the one who actually died and overcame all thigs. This is what it means to be in christ. This is your true portrait and you have nothing to be afraid of. Don’t even be afraid of money. When he overcame all things on our behalf, he made us master over them all.
When the world needs to see the person who spoilt principalities and power, and triumphed over them all, they see you. Jesus is still around and he walks the street today. That is you.

This is the newness of life you are to start walking in.
These are the things every believer ought to know from the day they accepted Jesus into their lives.
Someone said image is everything. You cannot manifest beyond the image of yourself that you have. If you give yourself reason to think you are a victim, you wont be able to function beyond that image you have of you.

If the Bible says you were raised by the glory of the Father, then your life should be a life of glory all the way.

Think about it, what is the picture of Jesus in your mind? Try to imagine it, that is the true picture of yourself too. And the more you grow in the word to know him better, the more you discover yourself also.
What do you think he looked like after he took away the sin of the world, defeated the devils and overcame the world to be seated on the throne in heaven today. This is also how God wants you to feel about yourself from today.

Remember this:
If he did it for you and did it as you, then you have done it.

I am more than conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am a victor in life and have overcome the world. all things are mine and all things answer to me. I have right standing with the father. I am in his image. I reflect the glory of God on the earth.

Rom.6:11, Col.2:15, Num.23:23, Gal.2:20, Col.3:3-4

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