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“And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it’ Col.2:15
Contrary to the popular assumption of many, the devil does not run things anymore. He only tries to disrupt things, and this is only to those who lack the knowledge of the truth. The devil is presently in his defeated state. The resurrection of Jesus did not leave the camp of the enemy the same, the Bible says He trampled them under his feet. All that the devils seem to be doing today are what men allow him to do. And this is what ignorance does. The enemy is only as powerful as people know him to be. Do not know him beyond what the word says about him; he’s been made a spoil. It is foolery to live in fear because you felt enemy has laid a siege against you.
Such things don’t exist for a child of God. Those are mere superstitions and many have been fooled by it. It does not matter how real your experiences have been, if you start laying tenacious hold on the word, you’ll not be fooled by the deceptive scheme of the enemy. You have been delivered and made.
Another deception is the fact the enemy has a right to afflict God’s people because of what they did in their past. This also is a lie. You didn’t get saved to remain a victim anymore. The Lord has prepared a table before you in presence
of the enemy. This is because the enemy has lost his power over your life. You don’t need to fight to win over the devils, you already overcame. Never let the devil fool you anymore. Guard your mind with the word of God. Know your right and your victory in Christ. Always remind yourself of the┬ádevil’s defeat. Jesus says the devil has fallen from heaven like lightning. Even if you had a horrific nightmare, wake up and smile over it. The power you have over the enemy is the truth in your spirit. Bear In Mind: Whenever any thought or feelings that are not consistent with the word comes, get no consideration to it because they are lies. Live by the truth alone.

Declaration: I am not ignorant of the devil’s defeat. I stand only on what the scripture paints of him. I refuse to define the devil by my experiences or the experiences of men. I am more than conquerors and I have a footstool, the devil. He is the spoil of the cross. I am in the one in charge now. Amen